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This document contains all solved and known issues identified in PS360 ... DD-3415 Resident users that log into RadPortal cannot edit WetRead .... to ensure notifications between PS360 and Android devices continue to work after that date. .... DD-4183/DCE-1745 AutoText containing a single merge field only and theĀ ...
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data files - default profile is called "default.prf" instead of "xcsoar-registry.prf" - log .... #2656) - fix NMEA input on Android Bluetooth Server * data files - use the ..... fix in DD.dddd waypoint edit format - enabled use of flarmnet ids in flarm display ..... Merged status pages into single dialog, and moved weather button to whereĀ ...
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May 7, 2023 - Shape memory alloys for use in thermally activated clothing, protection against flame and ... Smart Textiles Blend LEDs, Circuits and Sensors.
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